Graduate Altac Working Group


The UNC Graduate Altac Working Group component of the UNC Altac project was supported by funding through the Graduate School Professional Development Program from 2014-2016. With the goal of creating a diverse and welcoming community for graduate students interested in alternative academic careers, the group was led by Charlotte Fryar and Sertanya Reddy, graduate students in the Departments of American Studies and Geography, respectively. The Graduate Altac Working Group built a space for students to share Altac resources and information, enabling all group members to obtain skills to prepare them for an array of Altac careers.

Our programming included skill-building workshops, facilitated discussions and roundtables on the challenges and needs of graduate students interested in Altac, and presentations from UNC Altac practitioners on their work. Partnering with both the Altacs In Academe Carolina Seminar and the Graduate School Professional Development Program, the Graduate Altac Working Group aimed to support all graduate students exploring the range of careers that fall under the ‘Altac’ categorization.

The Graduate Altac Working Group was created through funding from the UNC Leadership Development Scholars Program, which offers opportunities for students to develop a specific project that will contribute to the professional development of their peers. Our proposal, “Alternative Academic Career Development: Workshops for Sustainable Graduate Student Altac Community,” led to a series of workshops held in the spring of 2014 which were designed to lay a foundation for an Altac community.

If you have questions or ideas about graduate studies and Altac at UNC, please contact the co-covenors of the the Altacs In Academe Carolina Seminar or the Graduate School Professional Development Program.

Previous Listed Programs

Future Proofing Your Ph.D. with Brenda Bethman | 10 April 2015
Alternative Academic Career Development | 24 February 2015

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